More than 600 insured trade points in 23 days

On March 1, 2018, the Decree on Compulsory Insurance of Mass Gathering Places entered into force in Georgia. According to the Decree, the mass gathering places must have compulsory liability insurance on case of damage to third party’s life, health and property as a result of fire, explosion or collapse of construction (including fall of a passenger elevator).

6 months insurance as a gift from 'Insurance Company Alpha'

Gift from ,,Insurance Company Alpha” – 6 month insurance 'Insurance Company Alpha' continues to expand its retail business sector. This time, company awards Wissol's loyal customers with 6-month insurance.

A memorandum was signed between the insurance company Alpha and Caucasus University on October 4. Alpha constantly supports the employment of students.

Together to win!

Since 2017, the insurance company alpha has changed its strategy and took the emphasis on innovative and client-oriented products development.

Banks have a competitor in terms of issuing bank guarantees

Banks have a competitor in terms of issuing bank guarantees In terms of issuing bank guarantees, insurance companies are already actively competing with the banks, with simple procedures and short term of guarantees issuance, flexible working hours and low tariffs.

Special gift for every woman from “Insurance Company Alpha’’!

,,Insurance Company Alpha” continues to extend its retail business. The Company made important growth and development in 2018 compared with the previous year. In 2 months of 2018, 5790 cars have been insured which is 80% of the number of the insured cars in 2017 (7370 cars). ,,Insurance Company Alpha” always awards its customers with benefits and gifts. Alpha cooperates with socially responsible companies and cares about customers’ comfort and their requirements’ satisfaction.